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For many years, Chenahoya has always focused on solving the safety problems of power supply and distribution in important construction sites, and contributing creativity to people's safe use of electricity. Chenahoya reinterpreted the interaction between humans and electricity. Keen insight helps us foresee market demand and provide electrical safety solutions that are conducive to environmental protection and energy saving. We always believe that there will be a more complete solution to electrical safety issues such as power failure, leakage, and interference, so as to create a continuous, smooth and clean electrical world.
For Chenahoya, reform and innovation means comprehensive use of skills to solve problems. As a true electrical safety expert, we are committed to understanding how technology, products and customers interact. Correspondingly, this also helps us establish the right connections and provide appropriate suggestions. Through a deeper understanding of the evolution of customer needs, we proactively predict customer needs and develop corresponding solutions to meet these needs.
We cooperate with China North Industries Group, Aerospace Seahawk, General Armament Department, Beijing Military Region, Lanzhou Military Region, PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC, China General Nuclear Power Corporation, CRRC, China Railway Corporation, Beijing Metro, Shanghai Metro, Qingdao Metro, Shijiazhuang Metro, Changchun Metro , Hefei Metro, Xuzhou Metro, Suzhou Metro, Harbin Metro and major hospitals have reached extensive and far-reaching business contacts.