Chenahoya’s capital



Dearing's Hao has the performance required financial capacity, production, installation and debugging, services, training ability, ability to supply:
1), financial capacity, the clear Hao abida and asia-pacific headquarters located in the "Hong Kong" is famous in the Asian financial center, with a registered capital of 50 million yuan. Company with modern management idea, follow the ISO9001 quality management system and related laws and regulations, establish a sound internal control system, adopting large financial management software business accounting standards.
2), production capacity: the clear Hao and has complete industry advanced assembly line, established a perfect production testing system, production capacity is second to none.
Invested by chengyang carnot Hao the production foundation in Shanghai, guangdong, zhejiang, shandong, a large process line, capable of producing thousands of sets of production capacity, for the majority of the Chinese mainland users provide rock-solid quality guarantee.
3), the technical ability: currently, the clear Hao abida in mainland China, chief technical support including professional committee of the ministry of railways, the ministry of railways institute of electrical and hospital medical system expert professor, Beijing university of information science and technology, Shanghai university of science and technology, etc., enough to guarantee mainland customers' requirements.
4), installation, commissioning, training and service operation
After the contract signing, chengcheng Hao and set up a dedicated project team, responsible for know the specific implementation of the whole project, including equipment production, transportation, installation, debugging, training, acceptance and after-sales service work.
Availability: 5), the clear Hao the location convenient transportation, with use of trains, trucks, and other modes of transportation condition, can according to the duration of the contract goods and submit it to the appointed place.
Chengcheng Hao abida and established the standard of product packaging, handling, storage and transportation security system, ensure the goods suitable for long distance transportation, moisture, shock, rust and rough handling, to ensure that the goods can be accurate, intact and the delivery date as stipulated in the contract to specify the site.
(2), maintenance, service pledge
Chengcheng Hao abida is specialized is engaged in the power supply safety of large multinational companies, has always put customer service first, with perfect pre-sale and after-sale service system, to meet the requirements of customers anytime and anywhere.
1) technical consulting/design in the pre-sale and sale service
Chengcheng Hao abida and equipped with specialized technical advisory center, responsible for helping the user to determine pre-sale plan: equipment type selection, installation site survey and related technology consulting services or design changes. After field installation and debugging service equipment to the user's site, according to the user the installation time, appointed by the company (or distributor) will be sent through professional training of technical personnel to the scene, the system equipment for installation guidance and commissioning, until the normal operation of equipment.
2) the warranty period of free maintenance service
System equipment free warranty for three years. The use of the warranty period, the user environment and conditions of use can satisfy the requirements of dearing Hao abida site and according to the standard operation, if a failure occurs due to damaged, the company for the damaged parts shall be free replacement and maintenance services.